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It is our Safety Policy that accident prevention is of primary importance during all phases of operation and administration.
It is the intention of Bayview Electric’s management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist that employees utilize safe practices at all times. The prevention of accidents is a company objective that affects all levels of our operations. Training is an essential element to avoiding injury and having an effective Illness Prevention Program. Our safety training is designed to help employees to learn their jobs properly, encourage new ideas at the workplace, reinforce existing safety policies and make sure that our Injury and Illness Prevention Program is
in practice at all times. Safety training a requirement for all Bayview Electric employees.


  • Protective head gear (hard hats), hearing protection, eye protection and other personal protective equipment will be worn when required, following all OSHA requirements
  • Workplace safety inspections will occur randomly, weekly, when conditions change or when a new process or procedure is implemented
  • Weekly On-Site Safety meetings
  • Accident Investigation (to help identify the causes of accidents and make improvements to eliminate such causes)
  • Most employees and All supervisors are First Aid and CPR certified
Primary NAICS Code: 238210


541330 Engineering Services
221122 Electrical Power Distribution
221114 Solar Electric Power Generation
221115 Wind Electric Power Generation
221118 Other Electrical Power Generation
237130 Power/Comm Line & Related Structures Cons
238290 Other Building Equipment Contractors